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    • Roland Adame
    • Francene Moya
    • Patty Adame



    All the instructors teaching at ABC Dancin' Dance Studio are independent instructors. Each instructor has their own style of teaching and most can teach a variety of dances.

    Roland Adame

    Roland Adame, a Fred Astaire Certified Dance Instructor, received his certification in Ballroom and Country Dance in 1989. Roland's passion is teaching people how to dance. Since his certification he has always maintained his involvement in the dance community through; teaching, competitions, showcases, weddings, flash mobs, and any other special occasions requested.
    Roland is the owner of ABC Dancin' Dance Studio, with other instructors working independently out of the studio. Dance parties are held at the studio to give students a chance to practice in a club environment with instructors available for dancing or any questions.
    ABC Dancin' is community service oriented, with donations to Driscoll Children's Hospital, PAAC, The Women’s Shelter, and Paws and Claws to name a few.
    Roland says, “I hope you dance!”

    Patty Adame
    Patty has been dancing since she was a young girl. Following her leader was how she learned to dance. After meeting Roland she was taught the dances actually had steps. Patty and Roland have been dancing for over 9 years together. Roland began teaching her how to instruct right away. She has been teaching group classes for 4 years and private lessons for 3 years.

    Francene Moya

    Jeff and Tara -- West Coast Swing Video
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